Following the closure of the Tier 1 General route, the Tier 2 visa category has now become the major work visa category. It benefits workers looking to apply for long term employment (General), those wanting to transfer from a company based overseas to a company in the UK (Intra-company Transfer), sportspeople involved at a high level in their sport (Sportsperson), and religious workers (Minister of Religion).

It is important to note that you will be required to obtain a certificate of sponsorship to be able to apply for a leave to enter or remain via any of the aforementioned categories. It is classed as a PBS immigration route and would require applicants to score at least 70 points to qualify. Applicants will also need to meet the English language requirements alongside the maintenance requirements.

Tier 2 Visa Application

To apply for a Tier 2 work visa, you must have been offered work by an employer who has a valid Tier 2 Sponsor Licence. The role must be one above NQF Level 6 and the salary on offer must be at the appropriate level.

The Home Office has published a list of sponsor able job roles in the UK alongside their appropriate salary levels. The Home Office follows the salary requirements in a strict manner, as your Tier 2 visa application will be refused if the job you are being offered does not meet the stipulated salary requirements.

Click here to find the salary requirements for sponsor able roles in the UK. Sponsor table roles are roles at or above NQF Level 6.

Tier 2 Visa Extension

The Tier 2 visa is normally issued for 3 years, after which time you may be eligible to apply for a Tier 2 visa extension. Your extension application will depend on whether your current employer is willing to continue having you in that role, while also maintaining the appropriate salary.

Cost Of A Tier 2 Visa

The Tier 2 visa application fees include the following:

  1. Home office fees
  2. IHS Fees
  3. Skills charge
  4. Sponsor Licence fee
  5. Legal fees

The Sponsor Licence fees and Skills Charge are payable only by the employer. Also, the sponsor licence fees only matter when the employer does not have an existing sponsor licence.

Note: Tier 2 work visa is replaced by the Skilled Worker Visa under the new point-based system (PBS). Please check the new requirements and application guidance on our Skilled Worker visa page.